Kinectrics US - Celebrating 5 Years of Success

In 2015 Kinectrics US (KUS) is celebrating 5 years of success in providing specialized Equipment Qualification (EQ), Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) and related services to US customers for the existing nuclear fleet and new build. The Kinectrics team of EQ/CGD specialists has qualified thousands of safety-related electrical and mechanical components.

Kinectrics US continues to grow its impressive portfolio of support projects for the nuclear operating fleet. Since opening its 20,000 sq.ft. Cincinnati facility in April 2010, Kinectrics US has managed dozens of the most critical equipment qualification programs for the next generation plants. We leverage the advanced test capabilities and unparalleled expertise of the Kinectrics corporate head office team in Toronto, who offer over 2 decades of experience encompassing a variety of international reactor designs and utility/manufacturers' equipment.

Kinectrics US - Services

KUS provides key support for operating plants by performing in situ cable testing for condition assessment of MV and LV cables. In addition to traditional CGD of breakers, fuses, relays and the like, KUS has tackled the dedication of unusual and unique commodities that others could not or would not attempt. On the reverse engineering/obsolescence front, KUS has successfully re-engineered and re-manufactured critical replacements, where solutions had to be developed on a clean sheet of paper and transformed into deliverable hardware. These wide-ranging projects have included everything from annunciator panel windows to medium voltage bus connector systems.

  • Comprehensive test programs
  • New, state-of-the-art testing facilities
  • Fully-qualified experienced staff
  • Reliable, efficient customer service
  • Testing to the highest industry standards

A detailed list of services is available through the Kinectrics US Facility.

The Kinectrics US Team

Kinectrics US is comprised of leading experts in equipment design and qualification. The Kinectrics US team has over 100 years of combined experience working with US standards and regulations.

Garry Chapman, P.E. has been actively involved in the nuclear industry throughout his career, including EPRI task groups and the standards-writing bodies IEEE, ASME and ICC-ES. Chapman was also one of the founding members, and a former Chairman of, the EPRI-SQURTS program.

Serena Krause, B. Sc. is a senior engineer with extensive experience in nuclear equipment qualification, including harsh environment testing programs and project management.

Jonathan Winebrenner is a highly experienced technician who has worked extensively in nuclear equipment qualification and seismic testing programs. His experience includes testing procedures as well as equipment maintenance and instrumentation. Winebrenner has qualified components to IEEE 323, IEEE 344, IEEE 382 and other specified industry requirements.

Commitment to Nuclear

The Kinectrics commitment to nuclear includes comprehensive services in plant inspection, equipment qualification and commercial grade dedication, genuine nuclear parts and specialized tooling, feeder and fuel channel integrity, nuclear waste management and industry-related environmental technologies, as well as complete electrical testing services. For more information, visit Kinectrics.

Contact Kinectrics US for qualified, reliable turnkey support for EQ and CGD.

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