Kinectrics Services

Cable Testing

Kinectrics Inc. is the largest independent commercial test lab serving the electric power industry in North America.

Kinectrics Services

  • Equipment Qualification
  • Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD)
  • Seismic Qualification
  • EMI / RFI Testing
  • Chemical Analyses
  • Radiochemistry
  • Radioactive Materials Characterization
  • Tritium Management — Process and Plant System Design
  • Materials Characterization
  • Metallic and Non-metallic Materials Evaluation
  • Fish Protection / 316 (a)(b) Solutions
  • Environmental Assessment and Thermal Studies
  • Field NDE (Visual to Phased Array UT methods)
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis and Forensic Evaluation
  • Obsolescence Management and Reverse Engineering
  • Probability and Risk Assessment
  • Concrete Structure Assessment, Repair and Rehabilitation
  • Electrical Equipment and Cable Condition Assessment
  • Mechanical Testing and Aging Simulations
  • Rotating Machine Monitoring and Condition Assessment
  • Innovative Technology and Products for the Electric Power Industry

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